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Finally We Caught Something!


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Hi All,

Well after our first few trips not even resulting in a follow from a squid let alone kingfish as i said in my last report, this time things improved. Started off at middle head and weren't having much luck on the squid after about 30min and were about to go when my step dad finally got one, nothing special but the day was looking up already. Waited a bit longer and managed 2 whoppers and thought that would do us for the day and went to drop some baits. (These 2 whoppers were very unhappy and coated half our white boat in sticky black ink :05: which took ages to get off the boat and ourselves :thumbdown:)

Off to our favourite spot and dropped down a mammoth squid head + a live one and a couple of smallish strips, after watching the fish immensely struggle to engulf the head, they moved on and took off with a strip on the Rovex Big Boss loaded with 20lb Braid (this is within 2min of putting baits down). After a distantly familiar fight we boated a 63cm king-back into the drink with a bit of a sore mouth. Watched them play around with the baits for the next half an hour and another hook up on the small strip on the big boss again. Got a 64cm fish in the boat and back in the water. Then of course the live squid does its "get eaten everywhere except where the hook is while you aren't watching trick". Nothing else exciting there apart from the copious amounts of annoying pinkies :ranting2: they're going to become the new leatherjacket, and a flattie.

Moved onto clifton for nothing.

Tried the wedding cake for a leatherjacket :thumbdown:.

Moved onto the markers around Dobroyd area for not much, anchored just off the reef and managed a shark of about 1m. We thought that it was a gummy as we couldnt see teeth, it hadnt bitten us off, and it just looked very much like a gummy, so what do we do=bring it in the boat:awesome idea :wacko: after it going beserk we got the lip grip into it, saw some minuscule teeth, and slits over the eyes which made me think it was probably a school shark (i hope i didnt release dinner)- it weighed about 8 or so pound. Also got some reefy rubbish and a trevally which all went back in

Tried middle harbour for nothing apart from sleeping on the boat-not very comfortable.

A much improved and relieving day from previous outings,

hopefully we'll go one better and catch dinner next time!!



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