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Hacking Jew


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After numerous discussions with Jewgaffer i took his advice on when and where to target these great specimens and we came up with the goods. Cheers Mate :thumbup:

Our overnight session was quite intriguing. Myself and bbbsyd ended up with a jewie each, 74 and 62 cm models respectively. Both Jews were caught within 1 hour of a very early run-in tide.

We also had another 3 runs with no hook-ups, and i had my Crystal Blue Rod matched with a Shimano Twinpower go straight bang into the drink after turning my back rigging up another livie.

I wasnt too happy but the Jew did make a mends.

Our session went like clock work as we gathered our livies in an hour which consisted of Yakkas,Tailor,Squid and Slimey's.

We arrived in the late afternoon and squeezed in an hour session for whitings and bream.Had no luck with the Breams but we did manage 6 legal sized Whitings. After that session we quickly jolted over to the bait grounds and gathered our supply.

We anchored up at Shiprock, dropped anchor and threw out our livies. Enjoying the terrific view around us,we indulged in a few beers and some cashews and waited for the ever illusive Jewel to strike.

bbbsyd was first on and than i followed respectively an hour later. The beers sure did go down great after those moment's of madness.

Sunrise struck and we headed over to get some fresh yakkas and slimeys, we only managed 6 livies as the jackets appeared out of nowhere. We rigged up the yakka and slimey and decided to troll around the cliffs.bbbsyd rod was the first to buckle over and after a 20min battle on the stradic 2500 a very fat kingy decided to turn his head at the boat and bust him off. we trolled for another 30min and did not manage and hits so we decided to stroll back to the ramp and enjoy the view as we were exhausted from a lengthy though exciting trip.

Our end Result were 2 Jews,6 Whitings,9 Squid and numerous amounts of Slimey's and Yakkas which went down well on the bbq this arvo.



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Great to see good fish from the Port.

Just wonderng if Shiprock is still a marine park as it was when I lived in Cronulla many years ago?

Hi Varos top result in the Hacking Tom!! Two jew in the one session to blood the new boat !!! :thumbup:

Hi Scienceman Shiprock has an exclusion zone but you are permitted to fish anywhere outside the sixty metre boundary. The jew run I recommended to Tom for the run in is a sandy run over 200 metres away from the sanctuary and on the broawaters that lead to Lily Pilly wide of the usual fishing spots and away from the general boat traffic.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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I think its actually 60m from high water.


Thanks for clearing that up

Next time we fish the Hacking, and if we decide to fish that close to shore of Shiprock ill make sure we take our dumpy level so we stay away from the No Fishing Zone.:D

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