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Some Tips Please!


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Hey guys

Friday and saturday morning me and a mate headed out on his new boat for some fishing in port hacking (SYDNEY NSW).

After doing a bit of reading- i suggested we tried catching some live bait first. We got the squid jigs out for about 20mins just in dolans (more quiet) .

With no luck, we went out toward the heads at cronulla..First tried more squidding- no luck

Decided to start fishing. Using pilchards, prawns, lots of burley (bread). catching very small snapper and flat head.. The finder said about 17m deep, and we had a fair few beeps from the radar..

We tried going towards kurnell, near the break wall (on the safter side) but even still, not catching anything worth keeping.

Tried between fishing and squidding.. NOT HAPPY JAN

Our rods are decent, using good tackle.. (small sinker and 10-15lb line) some times using 3/0 gang hooks on the pilchard..

TIPS? for boating?

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Variety of locations mate, go out with someone and see where their spots are.

When i first got my boat, i would try all my own places that i thought would be good spots with no luck at all. I then went along with a mate to some of his "proven" spots and now i am catching fish regularly though not amazing, they are still enough to keep me keen. And along the way ive learnt techniques and tips to use in other new spots that can bring the fish along with patience.

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