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Custom Canopy Repairer


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Gday Folks,

I have a canopy on my boat with which the zip has recently popped its stitching quite badly. I want to know if there is somewhere around the st george area or sutherland shire area where i can have it re-stitched.

Also, it has no holes, but it doesnt seem to be water proof anymore (it drips through when it rains) so i want to know if they will be able to waterproof it for me too?

Any help appreciated.

Cheers, Alan.

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Camping shop down there used to do repair but I can't remember the name. They used to reseal older tents as well. You can buy the paint on resealing antifungal protectant at camping or marine stores. The material often isn't the cause but the seams or wear and it then bleeds through.

Any motor trimmer will have a heavy duty machine if you want to take it in to them.

If I remember the name of the camping place I'll post it otherwise try yellow pages.

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