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Rode Cary

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hi raiders,

my fishing mate and myself decided to fish a new LB spot, w'gong region as a our usual spot has been quiet lately. wasn't expecting anything special and the aim was to float pillies. after getting lost couple of times we made it at 7 am and we had the whiole platform for ourself. while we were rigging, here came a friendly local with rod, reel and lure ready for a cast. didn't pay attention to him as i was focussing on my rig. then i heard 1st cast 1st fish. he was on a nice salmon. turned out to be be an easy 70-80 cm fish and fat. i continued with my rig and i heard 2nd cast 2nd fish, he obviously was teasing us, friendly though. and it contimues, 3rd cast 3rd fish. so i decided to rig a metal lure only to realise i didn't bring any. lucky though i found one at the bottom of my backpack- hurrah. there i go, 1st cast and after a few retrive i was on, so i turned to the local fisho and said 1st cast 1st fish with a smile. and it contines like that for at least an hour. catching salmon, tailor and bonitos. it was obviously a school of salmon, bonito and tailor

i know what you guys are want now?? photos??

we put the fish in a small pool near the edge of the platform as the wave were not big and tide low. but one freaky wave came (only one during the whole fishing session), we backed on the higher leadge but the wave took all the fish back in the water. lucky they were still alive. mother nature taking back what belongs to her.

was a nice LB day out, a day to remember. is it salmon time now? anybody else catching salmon or tailor spinning?

kind regards


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