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Newbie And His First Boat


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Hi there fellow fishers

Picked up my first boat the other day and took it out for its first run on the weekend. Its a little 11 foot tinny and a 7.5 H motor. Hey its a start. :1prop:

Had a lovely day on Saturday, mainly just running all over the place. Went from Akuna Bay (home base) all the way round to Berowa Point. Took most of the day but was taking it easy. Did a few hours fishing at various places to no avail however. Was using prawns and nippers with a ganged pilly out on the off chance of a Tailor. No luck however. Sunday started off beautiful but didnt it turn nasy there for a bit. Lots of bailing going on in the tinny after that down pour :1badmood: The girl got soaked too so that ended Sunday for me. :wife:

Anyhow a few tiny bites on the turn of the tide at 9am and one small whiting but that was it. I guess what I am asking if anyone out there might like to provide a little mentoring. I know how to fish but I dont know what I should be targeting and where and with what. The little tinny will get out to about Patonga when the seas are not too big but I wouldnt be willing to take it out past there I think.

Everyone talks about Yakkas here as great bait. What do I need to catch them and where is best? Ok and then what do I do with them when I have them? (ie? gang hook them etc?) Never fished with live squid either so where and how do I hook them up (eg. Through the tail with a size ten hook etc).

Anyhow any advice would be great and so welcome. The partner is still interested in fishing but to keep that interest we will have to be catching something soon I think. If the partner looses interest I will only be able to get out every second weekend or so instead of most every weekend. :thumbup:



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Mate i would launch from tunks or roseville and fish the calm waters of Middle Harbour.

Try around the Spit either side and Seaforth.

You can catch Yakkas and squid around the Spit.

This time of year you could hook onto a jew, hood, big flattie and others.

Anywhere in MH is worth a go. water temp is only about 20 so it will only be good for another few weeks.

In Winter its a bit slow but still worth putting a live yakka down for a jew or John Dory. Try deeper more calm water.

Good luck and enjoy. I bought a new 3.75m quinnie Dart with a 20hp almost 10 years ago. Never looked back and have had hundreds of hours of fun.


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Hi Brocky,

:1welcomeani: to the wonderful world of the raiders. You'll learn a lot here and have the joy of sharing the good stuff you learn with everyone too.

I haven't spent much time fishing pittwatwer/Hawkesbury, but I know that palmly golf course and any similar weed/sand bottom near the shore has been good for flatties, whiting and flounder using live nipers and squidgies. That's for me anyway. For yakka's, burley up around west head and use a sabiki jig set up or a single hook siz 10 long shank unweighted with little bits of pilly or squid for bait, and don't forget the live bait tank!

I'm with Zenman though on the harbour. Middle harbour can be great and if you want to brave the ferries, try out in the main harbour around the markers for kings, they're great fun and should be around for the next month or so hopefully. I hear Middle harbour holds some good Jew and I'll be trying there in the next little while.

As for techniques in the harbour there are too many to go into, but if you search the site for threads on the topics you're after, you'll come up with some good stuff to get you going.

I hope this helps a little. I find my interest in the great sport iscontinually stimulated by the fact that I want to learn more, hopefully your girl will feel the same.

Good luck mate and many fish to you.

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