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Bonito Botany Bay Heads

ilk fish

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Greetings fishraiders

did a troll for the first time in the new boat on Sunday.

Great day.

Found bonito on cape banks (northern head of botany bay), around the 1 kilo mark.

They were in close, to about 500 metres off the land.

Anchored out about 300 metres, berleyed and started to spin on 2 kilo line.

Very good action.

Use small metals (10 grams). but had the removed the trebbles and in place,

put on a single 1/0 long shank hook, with the barbs removed.

I had great hook up results, and when I wanted to release the fish i just gave some slack line

to the fish, next to the boat, and it released itself.

I recommend barbless single long shanked hook on a metal lure for releasing fish.


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Hi ilk fish

what a way to christen the new boat well done.

i only just changed all my lures to single hooks it is much better for c & r.

at the moment i been gett'n salmon & tailor & the frigate in the Bay

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nice work champ.

did they bite during the day or just at dawn?

I caught those bonito early morning, however I did hear reports of them being caught later

that afternoon

(but for a better bet, bonito are generally are best early morning,

they also respond very well to a constant stream of pilchard pieces)

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