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Wedding Mishaps


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Hi guys

On the weekend, I attended the wedding of my best friend's son. They are from the bush (out Dubbo way & beyond) and just loved Forster so much they arranged for the wedding to be here at the Green Cathedral, an outdoor church at Tiona.


They had to bring all their stuff from Dubbo (including the hired suits, decorations etc) & thought they had it all under control ..... or did they??

The wedding was to be on Saturday. From the previous Sunday, it had been pouring with rain -- heavy downpours through out every day -- it would not be pleasant being dumped on under a heavy forest canopy, walking in mud & sitting on wet logs! However, the Groom's father said it would be fine ...... and sure enough, it was a beautiful day, sunny & warm, totally unlike the whole previous week.

On Friday, the groom checked out his suit & found ..... no shirt! Called the other groomsmen .... no shirts either! Oooops! Quick call to Dubbo & they reckon someone told them shirts weren't needed! As if! :( Dubbo rings the Wedding shop at Forster & they organise shirts to be sent out. :)

Prior to leaving Dubbo, they'd received the Bridesmaids dresses & they were the wrong colour, but too late to change that! Luckily, everyone still liked the 'new' colour so that was OK.

Also on Friday, the boys decide to have an outing on the lake, fishing & whatever on the BBQ Hire boat. Along the way, the groom dives from the boat, hitting something along the way, gashing his chest! :( Not too bad, tho, thank goodness!) They run aground on sandbanks but manage to get off. Didn't catch many fish tho! They "yahoo'd" their way around the lake - most of town knew where they were! :)

Later that night, don't ask how .... the MC was larking around & jumped from a tree, impaling his foot onto something sharp ...... at 11pm he is taken to Taree hospital for a tetanus shot & 4 stitches ..... he arrives at the Green Cathedral on crutches & on lots of tablets!

On the wedding day, the bridal cars are taken to the car wash to spruce them up ...... all nice & clean, one of the guys hops out with the engine still running & the door shuts ...... he is locked out of a running car! Takes over an hour for the NRMA to get to them & unlock it!

Just over One hour till the wedding & I get a call .... do you know where to find 6m of purple ribbon that is 2" wide??? I rang some local shops but they only had thin mauve stuff ..... then someone suggested the local florist ... Yahooo!!! She had the identical colour to the other 2 cars & only marginally narrower, so no-one noticed the difference!

After that, everything went according to plan, altho Elizabeth Beach had been washed out so wasn't as pretty as it has been for the wedding photos. The bride had been driving around the day before looking for more suitable spots ....

Gee, I think Keith & I had it easy! We organised our wedding in Sydney from NZ - had a small ferry organinsed to take 50 guests & the celebrant around Pittwater - all the catering was done by the ferry owners. The worst thing for us on the day was I had no wedding bouquet & it was after midday on Sat already ..... we went to Coles & bought a ready made one! :) Just folded the paper down! Ours was rather a 'low key' affair!! :) but fun! I should have taken a fishing rod!

Let's hear about your last minute stuff ups ...... this should be good!!



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