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Ahhh Disaster!


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Hi all,

In the middle of the floor of my boat is a in floor fuel tank well. I have a tank in there which is 90 litres or so. Anyway when it rains or when people get in the boat after being in the water (wakeboarding, tubing ect) water gets in there and i have to bail it out.

Well, today i thought it would be a great idea to put a bung in there that runs into the hull then out the back when i re-trailer the boat at the end of the day. To my horror, the well does not empty into the hull it is completely solid from there to the bottom of the boat, yes thats right, to the OUTSIDE of the hull.

So me in my stupid D.I.Y frame of mind, drilled right through the hull. So, now there is a hole from the inside of the boat to the outside!!

The hole is only about 5mm in diametre.

I have filled it completely from inside, and sealed it off on the outside also with Marine Sikaflex. Will this be enough to keep my boat afloat??

Is there anything i can add to it to make sure its completely water tight?

Any help would be appreciated as i want to take it out this friday/saturday/sunday.

Cheers, Alan.

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G'day Floating Medic,

Not to dramatic, just slap a bit of fibreglass on the inside and some fibre glass putty ( marine ) on the outside, sand it back when dry and finish off with a bit of flow coat. That should get you back on the water for about $20 or $30 dollars.

Give it a go.

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