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I know this has been asked before but i cant find the post.

I'm in the market for a car GPS system. I know nothing about them. But want one that;

talks to me

has 3D display

can show petrol stations ect

Is there a unit that could also be used on the boat as well as car?

Obviously im looking for the cheapest best value option! and im not adverse to buying on ebay.

Any brand/model suggestions would be apreciated.


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All the ones I looked at 12 months ago were great in the car as they spoke to you but in boat mode they didn't and the screen was too small with limited charts. Was only looking as it would have been a tax write off for the car and I could have used it on the boat as well but in the end got a seperate unit for the boat and still haven't sorted a decent car one.

Be interested if there are new ones out . The best I found was also very expensive overall.

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