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What Are All The Fishraiders Getting Up To This Weekend?


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What are all the fishraiders getting up to this weekend?

the 19th,20th April 2008

just working for me

the weather not great at all

might be a idea to check all the gear for next weekend (long weekend)

What ever you end up doing, BE SAFE.

And take care on the Roads and waterways.

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Off to Lake Lyell with a few of the fellow raiders to see if we can temp a few trout :biggrin2:

Good luck to 'ya Stewy, should be a productive trip. :thumbup:

I'm off to Stockton for a bit of 4WDin' and fishin'..........hopefully more fishin' than 4 wheelin'......... :biggrin2:

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My weekends are going to be pretty much the same for a while,very little or no fishing :thumbdown:

The :wife: new job has her working saturdays,so i have kid duty and my boy plays rep soccer every Sunday morning :soccer_h4h:

My only chance is possibly a sunday arvo session,if the weather is kind :1badmood:



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