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Tortue Nylon Line


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Hi all,

In the past I did all my rock fishing with braided line and want to give nylon a go. Have heard some good sucess with Tortue SUPERCONTROL, what do you guys think? Has anyone used it before? what other brands do you use(24kg)? I tried to find some online tackleshops who sell it but have no luck, also can't find it in my local tackle shops. Anyone know who sell it with good price tag? Please PM me


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Its good line probaly the thinest nylon i found,Great 4 spining but only ever used 10kg.Use 15kg 4 jew of beach [old line 4 pigs]24kg straight 2 the hook 4 kings from rocks with good results,we dont get long tail tuna to often but if there anything like mac tuna i would stick with braid as u get years out of it 4 same price.But if u want 2 try nylon budgewoi marine sports 43909326 will sort u out with 300m an 600m

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