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Paddy's Channel Fishing


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Me and my mate have been planning this trip for about week, hoping the weather would be perfect, the day came and it was raining heavily in the early morning about 5 am , my dad said maybe we should just stay

home, but i wasn't buying that, i really wanted to get out there, so i managed to get dad to come along.

Got to my mates place, mates dad was commin along too, got to gosford boat ramp, it was high tide at the

time, with little rain which was awesome, got the boat in the water then we pounded our way towards paddy's

channel, got there real quick, didn't waste any time through the anchor in, we were in the middle of paddy's channel, baited up and casted in, me and my dad were using squid from the local petrol station, the others were

using whitebait and prawns, no action for about 30mins, getting a nibble now and then, then yes we started getting alright bites, but dad brang in a small bream, then i brang in a flounder, 1 of my favorite fish, but it

was undersized :1badmood: through it back.

then it died down for a little, then as i was reeling in the line was heavy the rod was bending down, was not fighting at all, i thought it was seaweed, but as it got to the surface i saw it was a blue swimmer crab, but it let go, damn it was a nice size too. then the spot went completely dead, we stayed the for a while too. so we decided to get some food, so we headed towards woy woy , we tryed bringing in the anchor but it was stuck

damn, we saw the two submarine cables and we were right in the middle of them, so we cut the rope,

damn it was the only anchor we had in the boat, we went to get somthing fish n chips, then as we were on the ferry wharf i saw someone catch a little yellowtail, i should of asked them if they wanted, cause they through it in the water. alwell me and my mate were fishing of the wharf in hope of catching a yellowtail. but we got bites but nothing. so we left went to the channel marked near the oyster farm, tied the boat onto the channel marker, fished there, everyone was getting bites, landed small bream. my mate brang in a nice

flathead, and it was his first fish ever, it was 40 + cm well done to him, then i landed a 28cm whitting

i was happy that i caught a keeper, then the big storms were comming close to us, so we decided to call

it a day it was around 2 pm so we pounded it back to the boat ramp, it was rough in brisbane waters too.

got back to the ramp, it was a good fishing session for me and mate and the others too i think.

sorry i forgot to take pictures.


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nice report none the same mate and great to see you got a few keepers to take home for your efforts. its days like those when it is raining and the conditions are bad that you can have one of the most memorable days fishing ever.

bummer about the blue swimmer tho, he would have tasted beautiful next to the flattie and whiting on the bbq. you'll get him next time mate.


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