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Kings Still Here


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Went out on an avro session in the harbour today, hit spot X just before dark.

Rain must have helped, but my mate Ross and I boated 7 kingies in short order, lost several more

and had plenty of missed strikes to add some ziing to the session.

Line went ziing......pling too as some kingies found good structure!

All fish between 67 and 75 cm, really fat the lot of them.

Kingfish BBQ on Sunday!!!

Enough typing, my arms hurt.

Cheers all

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wats with the spot x y s or watever im allways seeing.... can anyone shed some light on this? or were on the forums i can find out some detail.s

Mate, its like this, we all put in the hard yards, finding spot x y s !

So I am sure you can understand that to say "go to the boye at this spot ........" is not exactly what we

(or I anyway) want to do, else all the good raiders out there will be meeting at spot x next time!

Anyway, my somewhat selfish take on things.

Seriously though, fish the structures in the harbour, note the time tide moon etc when you find kings or other fish, correlate the data in your diary, and you too will be writting about spot x y s in due course.

Took me 1 year of fishing 2 x weekly at the least to work out some spots where there are mostly kings at spesific times.



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