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Nice By Catch = 1st Jew


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hi all

took the yak out this morning with a few mates, fishing for bream around woy woy. nothing much happening for the first hour ......small whiting and pinkies. all of a sudden something good grabs the plastic and runs hard pulling line :o after 8- 10 mins and calls of 'massive bream' 'big flattie' stingray' from the boys i could see colour ,my first ever jew :1yikes: after numerous attempts with the net i finally got it in the yak :yahoo: it went 73cm and 3.6 kg

caught on 2 inch gulp shrimp and 8lb line

STOKED :beersmile: :beersmile: time!!!!





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Nice effort on sp/s Baited good spot too! A couple of 8 kilo fish were caught in that area the other week by the neighbour of a member friend who lives on the water up there. Before that they were only getting small jew near the mouth and there hasn't been many school size jew caught upriver near the bridges, except for the odd soapie.

It could be worthwhile gearing up as it appears those 8 kilo jew may be part of the overdue autumn spawning schools.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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