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Roseville Bridge Boat Ramp


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I was down under Roseville bridge yesterday arvo doing a bit of landbased fishing and had a bit of a chat to a NPWS ranger who was checking cars for parking tickets.

I queried him as to whether there is any plans to fix the road and do something to enable the flushing of boat engines. He advised me that there is plans to upgrade the facilities.

Apparently, it is on the agenda to install kerbing / guttering in the area where the taps are for flushing boat engines. Hopefully this will allow some drainage of the water to stop it from damaging the road. With regards to the availability of water to flush your engine, it is planned to install some sort of coin operated machines with time limits to distribute water. This is to discourage people from using the water to wash their boats.

It is also planned to install another 1 or 2 pontoons at the ramp.

I was advised that they have been given a $100,000 grant to carry out these upgrades and there is another $100,000 in the pipeline.

I have not seen anything in writing regarding these upgrades so I have no idea when it is all going to take place but it will be good if it all goes ahead.

In my job, I change cars every 2 weeks so unfortunately I can't get an annual National Parks pass as it would not be feasible to be getting the rego number on this pass changed evry couple of weeks. I have spent approximately $100 this year already in National Parks fees between Roseville and Akuna. It would be good to think that these fees may be going somewhere worthwile.

Anyhow, we will have to wait and see what happens.

Has anyone else heard about htese planned upgrades or does anyone have any thoughts regarding this???


Graham :beersmile:

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