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Wyangala Dam


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hi guys i am going to wyangala dam over the long weekend for fishing. :)

I have never fish for trout, yellowbelly or put it simply i have never fish in freshwater before.

what do i use to target these fish? what kind of bait or rig should i use? or what kind of lure should i use? how big the line should be?

any info will be appreciated......

cheers guys

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No trout in Wyangala for many years but good fishing for yellowbelly, silvers and murray cod. Bait wise yabbies are best or expect to catch plenty of carp on worms and lures for that matter. The lure fishing can be good if the fish decide to have one last feeding frenzy before winter otherwise it can be quite hard and your best with bait.

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G'day there mate, i would use a running sinker rig, the same as you would for bream, whiting and flathead etc, make the leader about 8-12 pound, which should cover you for those timidly biting fish and also should you hook-up on a good fish allow the line not to bust off in a hurry if you come into contact with a rock or three. Wyangala can turn it on sometimes, and like previous comments made to your post, the lure fishing can become quite hot when the barometre is on the rise, and at the same time bait at this time of year is another great option. Some good areas to try are near the main kiosk itself for bait fishing, just follow the road past the kiosk heading across the island (head east ) and pick an area that has some rocky formation or headland as natives love to hang out on these spots for both cover and food, but also remember to fish as light as possible as bites can be timid at this time of year as the weather starts to cool.

Another option to try if you have a boat is to find some trees ( in the water of course ) and use some of the gulp wiggle tails 3inch in watermelon colour drop them to the bottom and then slow wind them up , and pause for any small bump on the way and be ready for the yella's. Anyway i hope that this info is useful to you as i have fished these waters for a number of years and have caught many a fish there. Cheers from Gavin.

And as for the bait then your humble old scrub worm is fine, and yabbies as well.Don;t use those bloody tiger worms ,they are totally useless, take a shrimp trap and bait it with some sunlight or palmolive gold soap ( yes soap ) and if you are lucky enough to catch some shrimp the put 2 on the hook but through the tails and oppose them, why you ask! well if you have one on there they may not move around as much but if you have 2 on the hook they will try and walk away from one another causing more vibration across the bottom. Cheers cobber and good luck, i am going to windamere this weekend so i will be employing these tactics myself.

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Any lures that gets down deep is good, I like the smallest stumpjumper on a light line or the larger feral cat lure. Bait fishing near some trees or other structure is best if there is much boat traffic about and there is an abundance of yellowbelly in the dam, nowhere near as big as Windamere but their fine on the table.

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