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Where To Fish When It Rains In Syd Harbour?


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Just after some pointers on where to fish in the harbour after the rain. Am I better off middle of the channel , in bays , where there is runnoff into the harbour in deeper water or closer to the heads? What species should I fish for after the rain and the flush? Up middle harbour? Do squid and bait fish any differently during or after rain? Do you change the times you fish around tides when it has rained?

I'm just not sure what and where to target if i can get out in the next couple of days and I want to maximise my chances if I am going to get cold and wet.


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In the Harbour it's going to have to rain a lot harder to change it that much. Up around Gladesville the waters still pretty green and hasn't turned brown as yet.

If your after your bread and butter harbour fish like bream and flatties fish the drain mouths on a run out tide. The fish will be sitting in ambush waiting for all the food to get washed down with the run off.

Other places to look if your in a boat is the tide line, the predetors are going to be hunting along this moving in and out of the dirty side. I saw the other day a tailor school working along one near Balmain, next thing a larger fish came up and the tailor showered. King's, Jews and frigates have been seen way up at the moment so who knows what they were???

Good luck


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