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hey raiders here's a pic my brother sent me of a mate who fishes with 15 kg braid out off a canoe

aparantly it towed him for an hour around the harbor

the island was ponapie in micronisha near gwarm[half way between png and japan

may have to head that way next year[bro owns the pub on the us base there]



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Hey Brickman,

I have been to Ponape before (and Guam, Yap, Palau) and all the other Micronesian Islands. It was 15 years ago, but we had a great time in a very "off the beaten track" place. The only people who get there are a few japanese divers. I think if you search Youtube there is footage of guys jigging dogtooth in Chuuk Lagoon. The fishing scene was under developed when I was there, and the pelagic rights are sold to long liners but it is a fishy kind of a place. Would love to know how you go if you get there.


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