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Warning - Boat Equipment Thefts


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Hi Guys

Last night our trailer boat was broken into while it was parked on the street in Manly. They took the battery, life jackets, nav light, boat cover, and some minor fishing equipment. I had a look around and several boats in the area had also suffered the same fate.

Just thought I would let everyone know to keep an eye on their boat if they own one around the area, although these guys seem pretty organised so may roam around different suburbs.

Anyone else from here had the same thing done?

Fortunately the stuff is insured....


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no good to hear Beaver.

cant believe some people have the hide to do stuff like this..?

my grand parents place got broken into a while back at stockton and we had a few rods and stuff in there which were all taken...

and i herd a guys boat got taken at the start of the year. did he have any luck getting it back?

tight lines and hope it doesnt happen to you again


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