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Sh#t Happens


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Well the worst come to fruition, the bloody mooring lines broke and my Mariner 31 ended up on the rocks.

After securing the vessel and putting it back on the mooring, I enlisted some divers to give me a damage report.

Forget about the previous week when my engineers failed to check the oil and subsequently demolished, and siezed one of my 165 hp turbo Volvos. Okay, the port shaft is bent beyond repair, the port rudder is no longer a part of my vessel, it lays well beneath normal diving depths, the starboard rudder and propellor look like they don't belong and my transom is what you would say would be in less than good condition.

Ther is a hairline crack in the hull - Bugger, and my AUD$75,000 boat is now Bugger. Sorry, but some of you guys know what I'm feeling at the moment!@!

Anyway a good excuse to pull the vessel out of the water, put in a new genset, renew the wiring and fuel lines, and getting some common sense on board regarding persons to loan the boat to. Bugger!!!!

Anyway, I've ordered a new genset of 5Kva, a solar panel, new fuel lines and an air conditioner. nothing worse than coming back from a days outing and the heat from the engines is beyond human tollerance. My Zodiac is awaiting some "special" 2 pack glue from Oz, and any day I have a consignment of fishing gear arriving from Oz.

Hopefully I can return to this post in 2 to 3 weeks, a little humbled, but nevertheless, never, ever, going to loan my boat to anyone else again.

Has anyone else experienced this neglect of responsibility? Never give your boat to a person that doesn't care.

Anyway, lesson learnt, last time!!!!!!!!

Edit: Today is Sunday, and God made Sunday for Fishing. For you guys anyway.

Booked the crane from a logging company, borrowed the slings, straps and spreader bars from Ports Authority and utilised the skills of the Hastings Deering manager to fabricate a cradle and supervise the lift.

Removed the bimini cover, outriggers and anything else that didn't move.

The lift went according to plan - thankfully.

This is what remains of my props and rudders? - more like a cauliflower.

As the title says :05:

Thanks for your kind thoughts and sympathy, however no insurance so looks like the holiday to the Swiss Alps will have to be postponed :074::074:

I have a rebuilt 165hp turbo volvo standing by to exchange the seized one and I guess I will have to try and contact Mariner for new props, rudders, skegs, trim tabs and duck board.

As Mr Frazer said - "Life wasn't meant to be easy"


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mate that is horrible.

not much i can say to soften it for you.

as you say that is ****ed.

hopefully repairs will go smoothly and you will be back in the water in no time..

so the cause was the borrower didnt tie her off properly??


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That is a shocker, Mariner31 - we're all feeling for you at this moment! :( I'll bet your mate is feeling pretty bad just now too, but not as bad as you? Any offers of assistance to pay?? They obviously weren't on board at the time! At least it didn't sink, I guess.

Will your insurance cover it? Was it total negligence or big seas?


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