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Thursday Kings


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Ventured out again on Thursday despite the windy/showery forcast. Determined to catch a few squid. After about 2 hours and one very little squid to show for my efforts I decided to throw some "sluggos" around the harbour buoys in the wind. No success so headed in out of the wind and had a final try for a squid. Managed a 30 cm model (cheering!) so off to attempt to entice some kings. Fifteen minutes in and after some berlying with chopped up pilchards (coated in squid ink!) the heavier gear (30lb braid/50 lb trace with no sinker) went off. Up came a 72cm king so off to a good start. Before I could even get him out of the net the lighter rod (14lb braid, 20lb leader, 50lb trace unweighted) began acting strangely. No blistering run - more like a bream bite. Picked it up, felt some weight and struck. Then came the blistering run! Managed to land a twin for the first fish. While I'm mucking around taking photos and bleeeding the fish the anchor pulled and I lost my position. Anchored again but no action for the next hour. Moved about 20 metres into slightly deeper water and continued berlying and fishing floating baits. Several times I had kings in the berley at the back of the boat but they shied away from the fresh squid strips that I had worked so hard to catch for them. Ungrateful buggers!! It is exciting to see 70cm plus kings sniffing your bait!! No more hits and eventually used up all my squd so called it a day at 1.00pm.

A top morning - didn't even get wet and caught two nice kings.


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