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Lake Lyell


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Was good last week and should be fine this week as well.

Cheers Stewy

60 mm squidgees in rainbow trout pattern slow worked along the shore will do it for you.

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Hi Breamhntr,

Went up to Lyall yesterday with a couple of keen fishos and got about 10 small trout up to 22cm (prob last sessions spawn run) and a 45cm rainbow (early afternoon) on a pink and blue tassie, we worked it hard for the 6 hours for that outcome.

It actually seemed pretty quiet with not many fish rising at all. there were quite a few campers there with not many fish being caught.

Hopefully on Sunday things will have picked up at bit, I don't know if the B/Pressure had anything to do with it or not but didn't see any small bait fish around yesterday.

A couple of guy's next to us were using worms off the bottom in the morning and got a nice bass and a few small trout before they left at midday.

Let us know how ya go..

Watch ya speed their everywhere!!!!!!!



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