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Middle Harbour


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Fished near the Roseville bridge today. From the start, kept getting hits on both rods. One rod I was using squid, the other pilchards. Had a huge hit on the squid, after a 15 min battle, my estimated 10kg jewfish was in sight. Then guess what? someone in a canoe decides it would be a good idea to paddle about 10ft in front of my and my line etc gets caught in the canoe. In the end, there goes my jewie. Why are some people so ignorant. There I am using a beach rod, which casts a fair way out. Some people think landbased fishos can only cast a few feet, and think it is ok to canoe or drive a boat a few feet from you.Most people in boats & canoes are fine, just those few people who are ignorant give me the sh.....ts. In the end, I caught a small chopper tailor and that's about it. Still a good day out. There is always tomorrow.

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a big size 8 ball sinker directed at the next person who gets in the way of my jewie sounds like the answer :074: Better still, might let the :wife: show how good her verbal skills are :074:

Sounds like a good solution :thumbup:

Bummer about the jewie.

They seem to be letting more and more of these people on the loose!!

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had the same prob yesterday,heres the answer

how far can you through frozen berly

i can through it in handfulls about 10 to 15 meters

to the d#ck who was covered in my berly yesterday 2 times

he worked it out the second time

first time;sorry buddy i ca'nt through very good,best wash that stuff off your boat it smell like sh#t

second time;sorry mate i am a really crap shot maybe you should stay a bit wider from us

his reply;you did that on purpose,at which time i could no longer hold a staight face and we started pissing our selfs laughing

he never came within coowee again


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