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Do you guys buy any particular brand of frozen pilchards? I assume its all the same if its IQF?

Anyways i'm asking because i was told today by a fisho that if a buy IQF pillies, they shouldn't be stuck together. I'm just wondering if i'm buying the wrong brand or its been mishandled?

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I am a big fan of the salted pillies too. They are made by East Coast bait supplies (red/blue bag) but not all tackle shops stock them.

Best thing is that they are re-usable after a trip and definitely stay on the hook longer. This is a plus for beach fishing. They also do not need separating which is a chore when you buy a 2kg block. The tackle store owner I spoke to said that he didn't stock them because they do no release as much scent/juices into the water.

BOHM used to stock them and they were just down the road. I now have to travel a bit further along the beaches to get my supplies. (not sure bout site rules here so I haven't mentioned the store)


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whats so hard about salting?

u can get a 2kg block for 10 bucks from most places..they are nice pillies though u need to salt them.

2 to 3 days before going out, thaw them, then put them in a bucket or container that your taking with u, chuck some salt on top and put in a cool, dry place. when its time for fishing, u don't have to stuff around trying to find bait, and best of all, they will be better then any pillie u can buy.

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