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Old Bar Opened To The Sea Again


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Hi guys

At least the rain has done one good thing up here :) - it has opened the Manning river to the sea at Old Bar. They got the diggers in the other day to 'assist' & shortly after, the river broke thru & established a reasonable channel. It will only stay open for as long as there is enough water flow to keep it open, naturally.

The manning peaked at 8m and has caused major flooding at Harrington - the Upmarket development of Harrington Waters has taken on a whole new meaning - with many houses under threat or already under water. :(



That means the bass could be coming on the chew again after it has settled back again ....

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It's a pity they waited so long to open it. They could have opened Old Bar weeks ago after the last deluge but instead chose to "debate " the issue. I pity the home owners at Harrington who have been flooded because the council sat on their butts & did zip.

On the positive side it will improve fishing & may show the "experts" that a second permanent entrance is needed.

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