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Pittwater, Brisbane Waters Thurs


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G;day All,

Got out on Thursday, 5am launched the Pogoboat Solo at bayview :1prop: shot up to the back of Barrenjoey looking for Mr Squidley. No luck there but picked up a couple just around from West head.

Grabbed a few yakkas at the pillbox, some nice gars in the berley trail,(might look into a feed of gars next trip) big improvement on last trip when it was sweep city.

Shot around to Hardies Bay to pick up the neice and nephews.

Tried slow trolling squid and yakkas around the front of Box Head, one big bust off but no further action.

Back into Brisbane waters and a few drifts for a couple of just keeper flathead and some undersize whiting.

Back to hardies bay to pump some yabbies, kids love that, and then back to a few drifts. Plenty of undersize fish and dropped a real crocodile boatside just north of the Rip Bridge.

By 5pm the weather wasbrewing up so dropped Brother in law and the kids back and headed across BBay.

Half way across, with a filthy thundery brewing up behind Patonga, the birds are going off. Had to have a cast, for scientific purposes only, fantastic,,, mixed schoolof salmon and good size choppers, tried to get a lure underneath them to see if a kingie was lurking, but they were hitting on the drop.

probably had 8 casts for 6 fish, I love salmon dont they go, and then wind changed from 10 kt westerly to 20- 30 Northerly with a real warm feel and I thought lets not push this and ran for Bayview.

Got to winji jimmy bay and the wind was blowing all the soil that the council have laid on the dog park right across the bay, had to put my sunnies back on to keep the grit out of my eyes. Just got to the wharf and the wind died dead and stayed that way until about two minutes after I got the pogoboat back on the trailer solo.

Thanks Huey.

Does any body know what the council are building on the southern side of the parking lot at rowlands reserve.

All in All a good fun day

Regards POGO :1prop::flying:

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