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Mixed Fortunes


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ANZAC Day started with attendance at Dawn Service, which was brilliant. At the end of the service, took the littlie home, changed out of the suit, grabbed the rods and headed down to the boatshed. Weather was overcast, there was a slight breeze, BUT the forecast was for a bright, sunny day. Hmmmm.

Hit the same areas we have targetted for the last 2 weekends, and again landed a good whiting around 38cm. Received a lot of attention on the poppers with very few takers. The wind began to drop, and the sun shone in earnest. We were going to do it tough. :mad3:

These sort of conditions are better suited to pencils, so tied on the yellow NW. Fishing improved dramatically, and several good fish were landed, although the quality was a long way down from previous weekends. I remarked to Dene that it had been a while since we had seen a good bream over 40cm. Within three casts, Dene landed this beauty! Released.



Checked the weather forecast for the rest of the weekend, and decided to give it another go on Saturday. There was a thick fog when we kicked off the next day, but the sun was a huge glowing orb in the mist, and we knew it would burn the fog off very quickly. Today was going to be even tougher. :mad3:

Once again I had the majority of my success on the yellow NW pencil, although I did manage a couple of fish on a red/gold Bubble-Pop. :thumbup: Dene decided to wet one of his new pencils (Smith), and again earned another photo ... for a very different reason! :074:


Total for the 2 mornings: 1 whiting and 31 bream. The water temp is still around 20 degrees, so here's hoping they will keep hitting the surface lures for a couple more weeks!


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... Please pass on my congrats to Dene re the monster Bream on the popper. It makes it easy to measure the fish when you know the leangth of your lure LOL.


Will do mate. :074:

Nice to hear those poppers I sent are catching bass in SE QLD as well. Hope to be back that way soon so we can terrorise some of our old stomping grounds. :thumbup:


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Ooooh! Fantastic bream, Deano!!! Did he go, or what?? I guess to every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction, hence the minnow!! :) :) I think the lure is almost as big as it! :(

Well done - it doesn't look like your water is anywhere near as dirty as ours!! Ours is chocolate brown - it goes out to sea for miles! I reckon it'll take weeks to clear! :(

Hey Hodgey - you'd better mention "monster fish" more often, if it brings instantaneous reactions like that!! :)



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