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Narra Lakes Sunday 27th


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hi guys, fished narra lakes today in my tinnie. It was more of an opportunity to fish, than checking tides etc. Woke up (had everything loaded nite before) jumped in the car and headed off at 6am. !5 mins later phone rings, youve forgotten your rods!!!!!!!! Bugger turned around and headed back. Arrived at narra lakes around 715 boat prepped and in by 730. First time i have fished narra lakes from a tinny, launched from the caravan park headed out where i saw some dirty water(thinking this was the main channel with the runoff) and stopped in my tracks..........damn sand. Freed the boat and headed down to the first creek (mullet creek) where i could see weed and sand patches. With the tide running out i thought this would be prime flattie grounds. fished here for 30 mins for a 45cm flattie plus 3 more undersized. Heaps of hits here but no hookups, tried my whole arsenal of sps, the killer here was a 3" minnow grub in mango ripple. The wind started to pick up so pulled out the poppers and gave them a go, lots of follows no hits :( changed between the colours i had and varied techniques but still nothing. Headed back toward the caravan park and anchored a few times casting onto the sand flats with about 1ft of water on them. Changed back to sp and just as the grub dropped off the edge of the channel i was on. After a 5 min fight landed a nice healthy 35cm tailor. A couple of more netted(all undersized) and the wind picked up to the point where my tiny anchor wouldnt hold. So eventually got off the sand then headed back to the ramp at 10:30. The only fish i was going to keep was the flatty, however without another flattie to accompany him on the table, he was released at the ramp to fight again another day. A good day at the lake to say the least.

All fish were taken on sp the big surprise for me in the clearish water was the mango ripple outdoing all other colours. Pretty sure the tide was running out the whole time and judging by the weed marks at the ramp hadnt been running out for long when i got there.

Sorry no pics phone went flat and left the camera at home

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Nice one.

I love the 3" gulp grubs for flatties and bigger bream. Although the small bream love to chop the tails off.

Tried the 2" grubs to avoid this problem but get less hits on them and they just don't fit on the right jig head/hook as nice so back to the 3" size.

Pumpkinseed colour my fav.

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