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Wyangala Dam


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hi guys just come back from 2 days of fishing in wyangala dam :beersmile::beersmile: , a beautiful place but sadly :( the dam level is only at 11% due to the drought.

Over the 2 days we did some fishing from the bank which was a long walk since the water level is so low. We caught some yellowbelly, perch and carp though only a couple of the perch is legal. Hoping to get some murray cod but it wasn't to be. We caught all of the fish with worm and prawn, none of the lures i tried out get any hit.

The next day we caught alot of yabbies and use them for bait which did not get any hit at all (fish seem to like only worm and prawn). sorry no pic at all since we forgot to bring our digicam :1badmood::1badmood:

well might try lake windamere next time, seems to be a popular spot with huge murray cod

until then happy fishing guys :beersmile:

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