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Ross And Gordo In Tassie

Ross Hunter

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Having returned to Sydney last week from Pt Stephens it was onto a plane and down to Tasmania for a week of trout fishing with my friend Gordon Johnson.

We fished the highland lakes mainly Lake Arthur, Woods Lake a Lone Pine lagoon.

Lake Arthur on the first day fishing from local Launceston trout guru Paul Ellis’s boat, we caught eight browns. The fish were all caught on sinking fly.

The second day we heard that Woods lake was red hot so that’s were we headed but alas the trout did not agree so back to the Pump house at Arthur where we managed a couple of fish. We bid Paul"good by" and Gordon and I headed to the Lone Pine Lagoon in the campervan. Here we caught a couple of beaut. browns and lost a couple more.

It was a great sight seeing the big trout tailing in the shoreline weed beds in the early morning mist.

We fished the highlands for a couple of days then headed to a few streams to try our hand.

The first stream was the Meander River, here we caught 6 trout all on “dry above nymph” from this pretty river. We then camped at the Mersey River and caught nil fish, but did see a platypus from a metre away and that’s the closest I have ever been to one in the wild. We then fished the St Patrick River and caught a couple of small browns.

The weather was spectacular and we saw some beautiful country.

I have very much fallen in love with Tasmania it is indeed a beautiful place and a most exciting venue to fish.

The fishing was not brilliant but we did catch a few excellent trout.

We both had fly fisherman’s shoulder upon our return such was the casting effort

We are both looking forward to next year already.

The little fury animal in the photos is a platypus that fed at my feet That's the closest I have ever been to one in the wild.

Ross Hunter








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