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Botany Bay


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went out sunday morning (5am) down under tom uglys bridge......caught a few good whiting (7)and bream(9). then it got a little quit for the next hour or two.

we had originally decided on not going to botany due to the forecasted wind. but after getting quit around como and the bridge we though we would give it a go. and im glad we did!

after cruising there we found the bay being extremly flat. this was all the way out threw the heads. we fished the breakwall for some big size bream (5) and leatherjackets(2). then headed out near red rock to catch lots of red cod, parrot fish, snapper and a mako shark which we let go. i will download picks once i recieve camera from mate who was with me.

had a great day.....couldnt believe how calm it was in the morning. made for a great day out.

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crazy john

i mainly squid and prawns in botany bay........although i initally caught all of the whiting and bream at como on soft plastics. really enjoying the soft plastics. they are working really well for me. had a little battle with a mate of mine who dosent rate them. he prefers real bait. i came up on top 9 -3 before i also moved on to squid for the bay.

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might head out past the heads of the botany bay on the hunt for snapper.

we were there two weeks ago and got a nice size flatty,5 nice size leather jackets and saw a one metre plus king come near the boat follow up trev that my mate had caught ,in no time it swam away and catching pesty fish like wrasse but no snapper.

was fishing near cronulla.

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