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Freight Trains And Squid Vs Breambos


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hi guys,

popped up to my local spot to have a flick for squid and soak a bait for breambos...

got to my spot around 8pm to fish the run up and got a yakka bait into the killing zone and started flicking for squid... water was not real good with alot of weed and stuff around so wasnt too confident on getting any... 10 mins into it and my drag screams on the bream rig,i quickly get over and set hook and im on :yahoo: then the battle begins.... this thing had me really dancing around as there is alot of mored boats.. i am starting to win and i see color... :1yikes: a big bream of between 40 - 45cm and then he makes another big run and takes me around a moring line :ranting2: .. im at a stalemate so i give him a little line hoping he swims out but instead he thinks its funny to swim around the moring again and now we are both buggered.... i contemplated wading out to him but it is pretty cold and then the decisions made for me when the line breaks.... oh well thats fishing... rig up again and get into another 5 min later but hook pulls after a very brief fight...they are very timid tonight in the shallows playing with the baits and dropping off... i go to smaller bait and send it out.then notice a school of squid move in so back to squiding,changing between squidding and my rod screaming was funny as i had to choose which to grab :wacko: ended up with 4 nice squid ,one being an arrow which is a first for me from here.. then got a nice 30cm breambo and a blue swimmer... now just after i got the squid around 8.30 is i heard what sounded like a freight train ...then bang a sth wester of over 30knots hits.. i had to put a heavy sinker on to keep fishing for bream but sqidding was over.. was a hot bite and pitty the wind killed it. oh well i got a feed and some jew baits for later so gotta be happy with that and home by 930pm...


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