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Best Jewfish Results During A Hawkesbury Day Session


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Hi Everyone.

Grant (Arked) and a friend up there, a Port Macquarie area fisherman, and myself had carefully planned for a two tide concentrated Hawkesbury session, with an early start for our baitfish, and the emphasis on catching squid.

I had to cancel my overnight stay up at Brisbane Waters in Grant's waterfront home last night, in preparation for our full day session today, due to my wife needing to borrow my car.

We planned to be on the water before sunrise, with a couple of the jew rods out in the deeper water well behind the baitfish, having cast and let line out a hundred metres or so before we let the boat coast into the bait grounds. We had planned to be nicely set up in the chosen jew territory in time to meet the new water from the 10AM tide turn onwards and set the jew rods rods out for the jewfish and other fish coming in thru the river mouth area.

I thought I would share the game plan with other members and suggest what I believe are good locations for having the best results at the present time. Due to the openness of the locations I can see no reason for me not to share.

In the main this topic is related to fishing the Hawkesbury River for Jewfish and the bi-catch within a daylight time frame which may suit members better than doing a long tiresome night session, midweek or on the weekend.

At this particular time, my idea of the best way to get the best results out of a sunrise to sunset Hawkesbury jewfish session would be as follows :-

The way the tides were today we were to reserve at least a couple of hours or so for having a separate session in and just to the outside of our chosen bait grounds at the start of the session, and catching live bait and without having to move, hoping to get a good supply of squid first up, and keep the the left overs for the fridge as quick start bait for next time. Local arrow squid can often work best on the day over fish baits on the Hawkesbury jew. The local arrows up there are an essential alternative for Hawkesbury jew, and some days large whole squid catches more jewfish than live bait. The larger the squid bait, the more chance of the bulk of it staying on the hooks, and of course using a two hook rig. A large whole squid bait gives longer exposure to other general feeding activity which in turn attracts the attention of larger predators and naturally jewfish which after all said and done are the main target.

As to the rest of the plan, we may well have started the session around the back of F&S reef or well behind the Juno boats at the far entrance to the little beach where the Govt.wharf is (mini bait grounds and nobody fishes there much!) or back off Pacific Point towards Lion Island and fishing all of the run in tide, but staying in much closer around the bend east of the point marker at Juno Point proper for the run out tide, (The area inside Juno Pt on the upriver side has shallow water and that area is sheltered by the point and is also a mini bait ground in itself and a good bream spot as well, and flathead settle in just where the bottom becomes sandy) - but this time I would anchor well inside the boats at Juno, to be there for the inshore still water period and only fish the run out tide and leave as the sun sets for the trip back to Brooklyn boat ramp and for others wherever their particular boat ramp or mooring may be.

Hope this information is of some help.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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