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Nice Black Jew


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Went on a freinds boat on the weekend only to absolutly nail this jewie. Ran like a steam train. Caught on a large squid stripe. Rest of the ngiht was pretty ordinary, but I felt like a million bucks for once. Caught off the Perron islands.

Weighed in at 15.3kg and a Personal Best for me.



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Thanks to everyone for the nice comments in response to my post. I put it up on the fish of the month, hopefully I can win that and make it a really remarkable personal best.

Jew was caught on a squid stripe and I had my reel on free spool. I felt the big gulp and gave the fish about 2/3m of run before I set the hook. I never had my Trinidad running so hard before with the 80LB braid on song. A real experience to see my reel work for a fish for a change and especially on a Jew.

Hope to be back up there sometime next year to do it all again. Also, it was on the change of the tide.



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