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Botany Bay -georges Is The Fishing Good At The Moment?


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Gday raiders , i am looking to get out in the bay or the mouth of the georges thurs or friday and was just wondering how its firing at the moment? Might look at targeting some bream.

p.s is there any kingies on the bight at present in bay , been away. cheers.cam.

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mate went out on the georges sat and sunday last week.... not much to show on saturday but caught a mixed back on sunday. Was fishing just past captian cook bridge. I havent been having much luck lately, though there are some reports on fishraider of guys catching bag loads of bream in the bay...

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Hi Cam seems to be in between seasons right now right now and a bit undecided. Tomorrow I'm doing a jew and general heavy gear session with one of our deep sea members TunOfun and his Dad over several hours in Botany Bay, before moving off to fish the bridge/s just before dark. We'll have a real good go at cleaning up Botany Bay. In case nothing much else qualifies for a trip back to the bridges in the boat, we'll make sure we have long gaffs handy to clean up the floating plastic bags . Gee I hope I do :lol:

The Bridges could fish very well with the top of the tide this week being not too long after dark.

Hope this helps


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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