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Lake Lyell


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I might be heading up to Lake Lyell in a couple of weeks. I have never fished for trout and would like some ideas. What bait or lures should I use? Would downrigging work? Is the lake catch & release, or can you keep some of your catch?

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Hi Glenn,you will need a few squidgees in the rainbow trout pattern with 1/12th jig heads for casting.

Some powerbait if you want to have a bait fish.

A few rapalas in 5 cm in brown or rainbow trout pattern for trolling and a few pink tassie devils.

That should get you all the fish you need and the lake is take if you wish and there are bag limits on trout in inland waterways.

Head down past the wires and there is a tributary off to the right which definately holds fish :biggrin2:

Roffo has fished there a lot and would be a good bloke to ask questions of.

Cheers Stewy

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G'Day Chopper,

Iwas up there recently with my good mate PJ Garn and i hope our report might help you or encourage you in some way.


We fished a bit different to Stewy and the boys but did pretty good.

If your new to this, i recon you can't go past the power nuggets. But use a small hook say #10 and make sure they float up.

Good Luck.

Lata Raida.


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