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we hit botany yesterday at 12.30 mid-day for a bash in the bay with two mates of mine,delray and cr@zy faridation.

my outing was specifically to ry and catch myself a legal snapper for the first time.went to catch yellowtails at the breakwall and headed to our spot x for a fish,we caught 2 nice size mowies,finally i land myself 1 snapper closeto 2 kilos,a few slimeys that we used for bait,i then landed a rat king then released shortly after a nice solid king then busted me off,they were busting up on the surface for a while,we then started catching nice size squid,total of squid was 4,then as it was getting darker we got some trevs followed by a little mako shark which we lost at the boat.

will upload pics of mowies,squid trev,small bream and snapper tomorrow.

all in all a great day out fishing.

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Well done on the fish John, good to hear u got a few and your 1st legal Snapper :thumbup:

Im sure u will have much better luck with your new boat.

and I was just wondering did u find that old rotten banana that I

hid in your old boat, :biggrin2:

ps, where do u park the new one?


Heres a phone pic of CJ's fish


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