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Brisbane Trip


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I decided to drive to Brisbane by my self for the Long weekend so i took Monday & Tuesday off which gave me Basically 5 nights 4 days Holidays. I locked up work at 5:30pm and was out of Wollongong on the road. I was hoping to make the morning service at Currumbin at 5am i knew it would be a rush so for my safety i took it easy. I was travelling just out of Sydney when it started absolutelt :1badmood: down, i dont get worried about driving but this time i was.

I was travelling through torrential rain & wind just before Bulladeelah (Great Lakes) and the the road stared becoming really narrow and bumpy. Next minute bang! bang! i hit two pot holes i thought i had damged the car really bad and then the traffic comes to a slow speed and i drive past about 50 damged cars some with bent rims,tyres hanging off and thing like that. So at The Mobil at Bulladeelah i stopped to find my rim curled over and the tyre at half pressure. I put on the pizza shop cutter (space saver) and kept going, after a quick snzooze just after coffs from 4am-8:30 i was on the road got to mum & dads at 1pm.

I fished somerset & wivenhoe the next day but to get nothing. It was really windy at wivenhoe and couldnt get a decent cast :mad3: , the kids down the bank were getting small Saratoga about 15cm long but me with my surface lures & Squidgy bugs and VT65's got nothing.

Somerset was better conditions but all i could seem to get were fins rising like sharks (never seen a freshwater fish do it before, can any one clarify)......No bass perch or anything. Due to no knowledge of where to fish if your shore based i just plonked down where i thought would be suitable.

After i came back to NSW my mate said "fish the dam wall with shads for perch & bass"!

Well i said thanks for telling me that now......bit late.

The upper Brisbane river has a reputation for sharks but i thought the odd jew might venture around the cliff faces so i went flicking at night around the cliffs on the floating walk way but nothing but a couple of hits.

Any way guys sorry to dissapoint (rizzo) but Basically no fish. I scored a Trevally at Ballina but to small and it was rainy for photo. I was very dissapointed because usually when im in my element i know i am going to get fish but it really put a hole in my heart not to hook up on one of these Somerset Bass. I really think you need a boat.

Any way enjoyed the view from the folks balcony and had a few :beersmile:

Sorry couldnt post all the photos

I did happen to get a whiting yesterday though on a N.W Pecil!

Have a good weekend all







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Nice pics, mate!

Take heart ... those two dams can be a real challenge to fish, ESPECIALLY from the bank!

Great whiting on the NW Pencil. :thumbup: I have been having moderate success with that color on the bream recently, but more successful with the yellow and clear one.


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Thats alright Cam at least you had a bash at it up there

its like me a few years back up at Hinchinbrook Island

marvellous place i got my expectations to high and got

low results i'd love to go back up there and now with more

knowledge under my belt and better fishing tactics i'll have

more fun :yahoo:


Rizzo :biggrin2:

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