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Lake And Beach


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Hi Raiders,

First report.

Spent the last week catching up with my Brother in Law Lee from WA. One special arvo on the beach, light offshores and hign tide around 3.00pm. Picked up Lee who'd been fishing the lake for a nice flattie, 62cm thank you very much, and headed to the beach for a great couple of hours on salmon and tailor.

One of those memorable sessions that you daydream about when work gets on top.


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Hey Koalaboi,

Thanks for your first report... keep them coming (particularly if they include the GPS coordinates of any magic spots :biggrin2: ).

I'm guessing that the fact you posted the report 3 times was because you're just getting the hang of it, although from the sounds of it you enjoyed yourself so much maybe you thought it was worth more than a singe post :thumbup: .

Cheers, Slinky

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