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Waterproof Tackle Bags


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For anyone who's thought of buying one of the newish "waterproof" vinyl tackle bags... after having one for a while, I'd advise you all to think carefully. Unfortunately, being water "resistant" from the outside in means they are also water resistant from the inside out. That's fine when you can get your tackle boxes out of them at the end of a day. I just did 3 weeks with one where I was camping so couldn't put my gear anywhere at the end of the day... it stayed in boxes in the bag.

Inevitably a little moisture got into the bag and unlike with a material bag... then it stayed inside the bag, busily trapping moisture in with my hooks, lures, jig heads, etc, etc. I'd just bought one to replace an equally expensive canvas (or whatever they call the rip-stop material) bag which had fallen apart after only one summer. I thought I was doing something smart to protect my expensive gear. It turns out I now have to replace a whole lot of terminals instead.


You've been warned, Slinky

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