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Catherine Hill Bay Jetty


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G'day there again Raiders, i was curious to know if any of you have fished the jetty just north of catherine hill bay rocks, i was wondering would it be a good place to get some squid from and any other species i guess. Please help, thanks from Gav.

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hey codfisho,i havent been there for 15 years back then the jetty was off limmits

we used to fish next 2 headlands going south

massive platform at moony[next beach south]

and the head land at gostys small beach with a cave fish north point[2 beaches south from cathernhill]

the mines used to control mooney beach acsess road and you had to walk to gostys

i have no idea what is happening up there now

if we got hasseled by mine personal [mate im half coory this is were we hunt and gather]usully made then run to the hills.just stick to the beach and you should be ok

hope this helps pitty the info is 15 years old hope somone has more up to date info, for you


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