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what would be the best hooks to use for YFT

Cheers guys

Sharp ones. :074::074:


I use Pakula Dojo 15mm -40mm depending on line kg,

Here they are double rigged

or Wasabi 7/0 to 11/0.

But as mentioned, must be razor sharp.

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Double hook rigs are better for trolling lures. Make sure you are using good strong hooks such as Mustad 7691s. 80lb braid will straighten light gauge hooks with ease.



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Hey Crazy, just a quick question, any reason as to why you are using 80lb (37kg) tackle for YFT? For 37kg you can't really use light gauge hooks so I'd say a mustad 7691S in a twin hook rig would be perfect for tuna. You'll need to sharpen them as they are crap out of the packet...


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Just be aware lads that Ande is not IGFA rated- although the premium choice due to its transparency for YFT, if you do make a record claim, you can only hope it breaks below designated rating.

If your food fishing, can't go past it though.

Hey Ant, IGFA rated Ande at a couple of different shops, and on their website they advertise an IGFA line called Ande tournament and a non IGFA line called Ande premium - is that what you're talking about?

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Guest Big-Banana

After fighting a 'fin for one and half hours last year, I'll only be fishing 24kg this season :biggrin2:

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