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Anyone Else Hit Botany Bay Last Night (3.5.08)


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Went out the bay last night for a fish with a couple of mates.

First up we headed straight to the moorings to get hit by a few Tailor as soon as our lines hit the water. Both went 40odd cm(biggest i have caught). I then got one just on 30 so thought he would be a good to put out and hope for a Jew it got hit about 10 mins into it but the fish got away with half of him.

We then got a few small Tuna. After a good burley and a few hours we decided to head over to the hot water outlet. It was starting to look like the M4 at 7.30 on a weekday.

We found a spot in between the boats(had to be atleast 15 other boats there last night). Less then 5 seconds of the first line being dropped in we were on. Decent size Tailor laned. then hit again and again.

We then started to get Tuna after Tuna they were great fun to catch they were all around 40cm and on light gear made it a very fun night. I reckon we must have caught 30 of the buggers (kept a couple to try as bait next time out rest were just put back).

We started to get sick of catching the Tuna so we headed over to the rock wall (miloneux head or whatr ever it is called). After an hour and some burley we got nothing so we headed for the bridges tried all bridges forhalf hour or so with nothing so headed home around 11pm

was a tad cold out there last night but it was so smooth(especially over the hot water outlet side) best night i had had on the bay for a long time.

I could not believe the amount of boats out there last night

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