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Georges River Fush Today


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well guys planned to go to botany or hacking in the morning, but i stayed up till 3 in the morning watching tv, and the fish gods did not like that and i slept in till about 12ish and my sister had a trip planned to the georges river with her friend and his brother, we had a cruise around for a while and then we went for a fish, had some fresh prawns out and i was rigging a line up i told my sisters friend to hold the rod, anyway 5 mins later she had a bream on 28cms, I was not too happy but oh well at least it was a fish in the boat ....

nothing else caught, well at least i got the photo with the fish, and not her



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At least someone caught a fish cut_loose.

It's a nice bream and I bet it was a beautiful day on the water.

Good luck for the next trip and don't sleep in again.



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