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Davidson Ramp


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Taking the boat out for its maiden voyage tomorrow so I'd advise anyone to stay clear of the ramp tomorrow morning. Unless you want to watch a very nervous man make a pigs ear of launching and retrieving a boat.

My question is ..is the tide ever so low as to make it impossible to use the ramp.?

I'm assuming not but thought i'd check first.

I'm more used to using a boat in Norfolk (UK) where the tide goes out about 3 miles !

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No It's a good long ramp.

Don't forget to pay your Nat parks entry fee ( think $7) as you go in or become an annual member online before you go.

Are you going with soemone else or doing a solo trial? Trailer a roller or skid job and on what boat and others here will hint at how deep or shallow is best from their experience.

If you don't want to pay the Nat parks fee Tunks Park ramp ( 10 minutes towards city from Davidson) is also good as it is quite steep so makes launching easy as you don't have to go back very far.

Both ramps not usually very busy midweek and both 2 lanes.

Just check everything , get it all ready before reversing down the ramp and take your time and don't get stressed. A lot of mates actually use a checklist so they don't forget anything like trimming up motor, straps, bung - did I mention the bungs!!!, spare bungs.

If anyone is an idiot or rude just tell them it's your first time with a new rig. They'll either offer to help or if not who cares- - so what they can use the other lane on the ramp and shut up.

Don't forget the champane but please don't leave glass on the ramp!!!!

Take a mate if possible so you do it without the pressure of family. The mate is as much to watch out for you as for other idiots. Sort out any issues and how to do it so when the family is about it is all smooth and no cross words. I read you have kids- hint- in the car with seatbelts on , then jackets on until you are ready to load them in the boat. Safest place for them. Nothin worse than dodging your or others kids around ramps or worrying about them while trying to concentrate.


PS. Bung in - the water belongs on the outside.

PSS I thought you guys were allergic to water!!!!

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