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Last Nights Jew

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Morning Raiders,

Yesterday me and my mate decided to finish work for the day and go and chase down some jew, conditions were perfect with no wind,no rain and not too cold.

Although before you start fishing your in pretty good sprits. Seeing though i dont have a boat here in the Illawarra we were land based, you can say it makes your job more difficult or easy. Well if you have a boat you basically in one area for the night or one estuary but if your land based you can move from spot to spot and estuary to beach to rock. Last night we coverd 130kms of coast chasing jew. All first popular and famous spots were exhausted before we started to loose faith and a few lures.Small snapper and tailor were chomping the tails of our Nuclear chicken and pink & white Berkley 7" Jerk Shads.

About 12:30 this morning our first jew was hooked and it had turned and was smoking the drag.That fish was estimated to be pretty large due to backing coming up pretty quickly but it won its freedom due to a floating boy.

I changed my technique of retrieve about half an hour after that and then about 1 hour after the lost jew i hook one. Just under ten minuted of tit for tat and a 60cm was on ground.

We decided to keep the fish. Mainly due to the fact we hadnt kept a jew in about a year and it was pretty buggerd and bruised after my attempt to grab and lift & drop.... :thumbdown:

It goes to show if you cover the ground & know the spots and stay up bloody late jew can be caught on bait or lure.

I think my next challenge is a Jew on Popper.......Hodgey were are ya!!! :1prop:



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Great report, Cam. Geez you covered some miles! :1yikes::1yikes:

That fish fairly smacked that plastic ... shame you dropped the bigger one :mad3:

Jew on poppers? HINT: Have a quiet word with Grant (Jewhunter). Without spoiling his thunder, he has had some success on the subject!

Keep 'em coming, mate :thumbup:


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Nice schoolie :thumbup:

Great to get rewards for your efforts, :biggrin2: and there was a far bit of effort put in by the sound of it. :1prop: 130kms :1yikes:

Shame about the larger fish, How heavy were you fishing? Lines, rods, jig heads ect.

Cheers Dan

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Proof plastics work at night, and on jews too ! Great, great effort ..

What tackle were you using, if you don't mind me asking ?

To answer yours & outdoor dan's question.

That night i was using my Daiwa CY2500 spooled with 15lb Sensor and the only rods i had in the car at the time was my 2-4kg ATC Drop Shot (which was too light) and my Tica shortened from 8ft to 7ft 4-8kg so i used the Tica because i sometimes dont like the look my ATC rod gives me when i hook a big bream, let alone a Jewie.....

The lures were Nuclear Chicken Gulp Jerk Shads (glow) 7" with berkley Nitro Saltwater series 1/2oz jig heads with a 7/0 hook and 30LB FC rock flurocarbon.



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Jew on plastics landbased is a very good effort IMO

well done mate :yahoo:

I still haven't cracked one so congratulations again, shame abut the big fellow but it is those kind of bust offs that keep us coming back



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