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Soft Plastics And Where To Use Them


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Hey guys, found this site a few weeks back an have spent hours reading the wisdom on the good people sharing with us. I now want to start chasing so many other species of fish now that I have an understanding of what to actually do. But the reason for my post is that I have recently decided with a mate of mine we wanted to get into soft plastics. I have broguht a 6'6" spin rod, and a little Diawa excelor 2000 size reel. got 8lb braid and fluro carbon leader. Brought a heap of Gulp plastics and brough 1/4 and 1/8 TT jigheads. now were set up, we have been trying to catch some fish but not really having much luck. both boat and land fishing.

so what areas should I be looking for and what types of areas should we be fishing? we fish anywhere between yamba and the gold coast, more to the north. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, or any gear that would be better suited. Basically targeting bream or flattys, any fish will do!

we did catch three brim on the weekend using 1/8 jig with a red and camo 6" worms cut in half on the hook. biggest being 33cm. good start but would like more hits and be able to really "find the fish" and i think this is the experience we lack.

Thanks guys, Pez.

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My advice to any beginning fisher is for you to go out to all sorts of places in all tides and conditions and keep a track of your efforts. After a while, you'll get to see things for yourself. You can look in books and magazines and they are great help but still no substitute for the lessons you learn yourself. The end result of this process is that you will be predictive in your fishing: only going to the right places on the right tides, at the right time of year with the right gear to target a certain species or couple of species with a very high degree of success.

The other thing that will happen is that successful, knowledgeable fishermen will note your effort and start, after a while, giving you some tips.

Keep your eyes peeled and think. Why was I successful? What's there? or Why was today hopeless?

Good luck guys, it's a fascinating journey.

Tight lines,


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Hey, am new to the site as well!

I recently watched a creek to coast or something segment on the tv, and i saw they were using soft plastics/jigging technique over shallow reefs, getting fish such as coral trout, general cods and a few trevally on the odd occasion of a rock shelf.

I'm kind of new to fishing as we have only finally upgraded our boat size and generally stick to livies,luring and fresh bait. I was wondering also, does anyone actually use soft plastics out on shallow reefs in the gold coast areas.

Seems like a bit of fun and a change i could use, if fish were not on the bite. Also what species of fish would you expect to chase these?

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