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Botany 22/1/05


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With early big tides for the rest of the week in to the lead up to the full moon king fish were on our agenda today. Our game plan was simple be on the water by sparrows fart then over to the container wall for livebait then over to the cans, well the first 2 parts worked but they a bloody big tanker on the cans :1tongue: . So over to plan B. We went over and anchored at Molineaux point, in the boat I had with me was my mate Mick and his brother Paul a Botany first timer just a very casual fisherman who was to get 2 of his PB’s today. We got a burley slick going and put 3 livies down deep all pinned though the nose, in the burley slick there were thousands of sweep going absolutely berserk while we were watching and having a bit of a giggle at the antics of the sweep Pauls outfit goes off. Pauls outfit was a no nonsense Pen 330 with 15kg braid and a 24kg leader on a 15kg short stroker rod which should easily put the breaks on anything in Botany but this thug had other ideas and went screaming off towards the container wall :1yikes: , Paul managed to stop him just shy of the wall then the fish came charging back towards the boat trying to warp the line around the anchor rope a bit of fancy footwork by Paul got the fish going in the right direction after a little pump and wind I was able to slip the net under a well conditioned 80cm king Pauls first legal king :thumbup: . We got 2 more halfhearted hits over the next couple of hours but no hook ups . Next up we went over to Towra for some lizards where Paul again showed me and Mick up catching the biggest flattie a 50cm model his best to date and first on a SP :thumbup: we caught 6 more flatties all about the 45cm range. That was the action for the day but I do think that if you give the kings a go this week fishing the run up you should have a fair chance of catching a few. :thumbup:



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Well done Kilkila. You certainly outfished me by a country mile.

I left home at 4, got to Foreshore road ramp to find 1) they have started the work already and I didn't know which road to go in on and 2) there was already a cue to launch :1tongue: .

I spent two hours trying to get squid, tried every spot where I have every caught one in the bay but never had a touch. I probably wasted the best fishing hours.

Changed over and picked up a yakka and a couple of slimies. The yakka went out under a float around some marker bouys down near the entrance to the bay but he never got harrased.

About 8.30 I decided to head out and have a few drifts outside but the best I got was a just undersize snapper. Then trolled along the kurnel cliffs on my way back in, being calm as I was able to get close, real close :hitsfan: for no touches.

Then tried for flatties over round bonna point. Had plenty of company and I didn't see anyone get fish (including myself).

Finished off fishing the bottom of low tide around the drums. Slimies were still there, I even kept one to make fish cakes to see how they tasted. I dropped something that would have been my biggest slimie of the day by far or a very small king or something else.

Couldn't complain about the weather.

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G/Day Boys thanks for the kind words :biggrin2:

With good fishing reports coming in and the quality fish being captured there should be some interesting fish caught around the full moon any one that’s wants to catch a jew or king the next week will give you your chance :thumbup:

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