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Bream On Flies


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Hi guys

When I get back from Byron, I want to target some bream & even flatties on flies ..... I know that Crazy Charlies & other pink ones are supposed to be good ...... I also have a great looking sonic squid to try & a few shrimp patterns I made myself some years back using clear silicon. I guess the flatties fly would be a heavier, bigger variety - I have some flies designed for barra that I will try for flatties??

I have some other salt water ones I will try as well ... wish me luck!! :)



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Good luck =)

You can't go past bread flies for breamski's especially the deer hair floating flies.

Berley up with bread and get them feeding off the surface and throw a fly behind them. They are absolue suckers for it. (so are carp)

You can also roll your own variations of bread flies, using foam and cotton wool.

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Hey Roberta,

lots of flies will work on bream.

small clousers, crazy charlies,baited breath, jelly prawns, small baitfish profiles like surf candys etc and even wooly buggers.

all the above are a sinking fly, i normally use an intermediate line in the estuary unless im surface fishing.

surface flys small poppers work a treat i have a couple of tiny crease flys that really work well.

Flathead you cant go past the chartreuse and white clouser. bit of lead to get it down and to make it puff up a bit of sand.

its a great change to get them on the fly. just watch those exxy lines round the racks.

i mostly fish a 4wt for bream pending location! but flatties because i use heavier flys i use a 7/8 wt on a sinking line.


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Thanks for that Squizy - I had almost decided not to use flies with the big wind yesterday! Just too difficult to do anything with it!

Great little vids!! Will get my fly tying gear out & see if I can murder some of the patterns :)


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I know it's probably cheating but I have used a size 14 hook and half a camo sand worm on my 5 weight Loomis and caught flathead, bream and whiting on the flats near my place.

Hey it worked.

I have had days in the same spot flicking baited breaths, clousers, charlies etc and caught zip.


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